A new project
It took form in the earliest ideas sketched onto a delightfully tattered-looking piece of paper. It was signed by Manuela Lugli, creative director. The project is “A new letter in the alphabet of fashion,” as the fashion designer explained, announcing the creation of the much-awaited line “Who are you?”. “When I create my girls’ collections, friends and clients often tell me: what a shame you don’t make these clothes in our size, too,” says the designer, thinking back to her successful debut in women’s fashions. Encapsulated in a very special logo, starting with the spring-summer 2013 collection, another intuition will become a reality. An idea sparked by the deepest passion of Manuela, a forceful woman gifted with the magic of fashion style and attracted by everything that influences the scene of the international fashion system. Not by chance, the mysterious protagonist of the new line has an independent spirit and is searching for balance among myriad fashion contradictions. She doesn’t renounce the charm of a new form of romanticism, she is always in tune with nature, she has a new vision of glamour and finds the contamination between male and female extraordinarily exciting. Imagination and insight underpin a suave collection, in which lace and chiffon, impalpable fabrics that are often printed, become the counterpoint to compact, intuitive materials. An infinite array of dresses are the pulsing heart of fashion proposals that are never monotonous: short, clean-lined trapeze dresses; long, flowing gowns; sensual slip dresses. Originality, untethered from the mundane and from stolid obviousness: the mix, including delightful accessories, is original and is just waiting to be enjoyed.

Who are you?
“I am what I am.” My hands claps the things I care for most and my tresses imprison a thought: “I hate indifferent people,” someone important once said, but I forget who. I hate them, too. I prefer to take sides. To smell the air I breathe, to feel as light as a feather and seize a dream. To attach it to a string and let it soar like a kite up in the cloudless sky. To savor the bittersweet taste of life and make it my perfume. I want it all but I can make do with little. I am unfamiliar with ennui and I’m certain that poetry springs from contradictions. I love in my own personal way because I am free. Sometimes, I don’t ask questions and I’m not astonished. Often, I chase after details and devise change. And then I surprise myself. One day I got lost in a labyrinth of emotions, following after hope and dodging pain. I colored the walls along the main street, I searched for disquiet and I clad it in joy. I imagined and then wove the most beautiful dress with the fine thread of life. I put it on and we became timeless lovers. “Because I am.”

Who is Manuela?
A world made of creativity and manual dexterity: Manuela Lugli has created a destiny for herself that is made to measure. Her very personal project has grown with her, ever since, as a child, she took the measure of her innate passion for design. Thus, it stands to reason that, as an adult, her schooling included specialized studies and a degree in fashion design. Because talent is important, but proper training is essential. She got her chance to test her wings when a new company, Spazio Sei Fashion Group in Carpi, made use of her talent to create a formidable style department dedicated to fashions for boys and girls, ranging from newborns to adolescents. And more: Manuela’s creative vein was also successfully expressed in women’s fashions, with daring flights of imagination and bold, unusual proposals. A fundamental aspect of the creative director’s philosophy was to patiently create a team and guide it in the difficult task of designing dozens of collections every season, each one different from the others, but all with a strong imprint. Regarding the needs of young clients, Manuela Lugli has put to good use her direct experience as the mother of two girls, and her sensitivity as a woman who knows how to dress women, to fine-tune a style which stands out for its painstaking attention to every detail. A stylistic code which has also been distilled into the new line dedicated to fashion-hungry young women. Lots of curiosity, a love of travel, consideration of society and its developments, exquisite taste in researching unpredictable forms and materials, energetic colors and exclusive details: all this has put the designer in the perfect state of mind of those people who are ready and willing to take on major challenges.